2015 APT Conference

Host Institution
The Department of Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder is pleased to host the 2015 Annual Conference of the Association for Political Theory. The hosts for the conference are Michaele Ferguson and Steve Vanderheiden.

A map of the conference hotel and venues is forthcoming.

Our hosts will convene a theoretical hike/bike to complement the usual run/walk — stay tuned for more information!

The preliminary program for the 2015 Conference (revised September 24, 2015) can be found in PDF form here. An html (web) version of the program is here.

If you see any errors on the program; have any title, affiliation, or e-mail changes to report; or have other difficulties, please contact our webmaster, Steven Kelts, at webmaster@apt-us.org.

Conference participants must be members of the Association. Membership is free. If you are not yet a member, please submit a membership application before registering. If you are a member already, please login before continuing to the registration page. You can register by going here.

Important Deadlines

Deadline to register and pay for all participants appearing on the program: August 15th (After this date, we will offer any unconfirmed spots on the program to alternates. We had to turn down more than 200 proposals this year, as well as several requests to attend workshops, and we want to offer slots to others if invited participants cannot attend.)
Deadline to register and pay for all other conference attendees: September 15th (After this date, the registration fee will automatically increase by $50. This deadline is necessary for planning the conference, especially the meals.)
If you have any difficulties registering for the conference please contact our webmaster, Steven Kelts, at webmaster@apt-us.org.

Travel and Lodging
Click here for travel and hotel information.

Paper Archive
Proposal Submission Deadline: Proposals for individual or co-authored presentations were due Friday, February 13, 2015. Discussants and chairs may still be needed: if you would like to volunteer, contact webmaster@apt-us.org.

Pre‐circulation requirement: All papers accepted for the conference must be submitted electronically to the archive on the APT website. Preseneters on regular panels must do so no later than October 1, 2015, and presenters on Workshop panels must do so by September 15, 2015. Papers should be no more than 30 double‐spaced pages in length so that discussants may provide suitable feedback. The archive will be password‐protected so that access is limited to members of APT. We will remove from the program all participants who fail to submit their papers to the archive by these deadlines. These deadlines are to allow discussants and other conference participants sufficient time to read and prepare comments on papers. While we have been flexible with this deadline in the past, we will be enforcing it this year barring unforeseen circumstances out of the control of the presenter.

Access the 2015 APT Conference Paper Archive (link).

You must be logged in to your account to access the archive. Scroll all the way down in the menu bar on the left-hand side, to find the folder “2015 Boulder.” Open that, then find the folder for the session in which you are presenting (you can access the program above to identify the name and number of your session), and click on that folder to open it. Click on the “New File” button, browse for the file on your computer, and click the “Upload” button on the top right. Add information as you see fit, and click the “Upload File” button. You should now see your file in the folder.

If you have trouble accessing the archive, click on www.apt-us.org/civicrm, which will open a new window. It may take a few moments, but eventually it should allow you to log in there. Once logged in on that page, close the window, and click on the link above to access the archive.

If you have any problems or issues with the paper archive, please contact our webmaster, Steven Kelts, at webmaster@apt-us.org.

We look forward to seeing you all in Boulder in October.