2017 APT Conference Travel and Lodging Information

2017 APT Conference

Travel and Lodging Information


A schedule of shuttle buses between the off-campus lodging and the on-campus conference site can be found here.

This year the theoretical run/walk will be a self-guided affair.  If you wish to take a run or walk in Ann Arbor, our UM Colleague Mika Lavaque-Manty has written the following note: "You will find a link to a self-guided theoretical 2.9 mi walk/run from the Graduate to the Arboretum and back here. I am trying to get a map version for the program but if any of you use Strava, you can just download this to your phone or apple watch."


Our hosts have booked rooms at four Ann Arbor hotels.

·      We have tried to provide accommodations for as many attendees as possible, but once the hotel rooms sell out, we will not be able to reserve more rooms. Please make your reservations as soon as possible.

·      Two of the (more expensive) hotels are on campus near the historic Michigan League where the APT panels and meals will take place. 

·      There are also a few rooms available in the conference venue, the Michigan League, itself.

·      The off-campus hotel is about a 10 minute drive away from campus. There is a public bus (line #6) that runs to campus just once an hour on weekdays; our hosts have arranged for a shuttle service that will take you to and from that hotel several times during the day (note: APT will post a schedule with specific times once we find out how many people choose the off-campus hotel option).  Uber, Lyft and taxis work as well if the shuttle service schedule doesn’t fit your precise needs. Our hosts urge you not to bring cars to campus as parking is limited and expensive. 

A map of the conference hotels on campus can be found here.  A map of the off-site conference hotel can be found here.


The deadline for booking in APT blocs is 9/11/2017.


While our hosts have reserved a significant number of rooms, once all the rooms are booked or the deadline passes, we will not be able to guarantee any more, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.

When making your reservations be sure to mention that you are attending the Association for Political Theory conference.


On Campus Hotels

These hotels are close to the Michigan League (one is even in the League) where the conference will take place, central campus, coffee shops, restaurants of all types (see Dining below), museum, etc.

THE GRADUATE: $229. Website. Recently updated; it builds on University of Michigan themes (e.g., the keys have pictures of famous graduates – Gilda Radner, for one); it’s very comfortable; a small coffee bar with pastries is available in the lobby.  This is the on-campus hotel where our hosts have been able to reserve the most rooms for conference attendees for all nights.  (7/19/17 update: on some nights only about 20 rooms remain.  So please book soon!)

Parking: valet parking $25/night with unlimited come and go privileges.

Reservations may be made through this link. Or you can call the hotel directly at 734-769-2200, referencing the Association for Political Theory (group code 1710112017). Deadline to reserve: September 11, 2017.

BELL TOWER HOTEL: $185.00. Website. APT bloc is full as of 6/8/17.  Contact hotel directly for regular rates (or in case of APT cancelations).

Elegant, quiet, “European” style hotel.  Our hosts were only able to reserve a few rooms here (6 to be precise) for all four nights, so, if you want to stay here be sure to book early.  It is a stone’s throw from the League.

Parking: Complimentary valet parking.

Reservations may be made by calling 800-562-3559.  Again, be sure to mention the APT conference (group code 300398). Deadline to reserve: September 11, 2017.

THE INN AT THE MICHIGAN LEAGUE:  $130.00 for a single king room; 140.00 for a double/two people.  Website.  The APT bloc only has Thursday rooms remaining as of 7/19/17.

A bit more Spartan than the other on campus hotels, but it is in the building where the conference will be held.  No rooms are available for Wednesday night and only seven for Saturday night; so, if you want to stay here be sure to book early.

Parking: One complimentary parking pass per room for a nearby private U-M lot.

Reservations may be made by calling 734-764-3177 and mentioning the Association for Political Theory Conference, or emailing innatleaguestaff@gmail.com with the same group reference. Deadline to reserve: September 12, 2017.


Off-Campus Hotel

THE KENSINGTON: $124.00. Website. Out by the shopping center on the outskirts of town, but still just a 10 minute or less drive into campus. (Please note that if you decide to stay here and drive your own car to campus, you will need to park at the public lot at Maynard St—see Central Campus Map for the location). (7/19/17 update: a limited number of rooms have been made available for the Wednesday night before the conference at the APT rate.  Rooms are also available for the other nights.  But be sure to book soon!  Rooms do fill.)

Parking: Complimentary for guests.

Reservations can be made by calling the hotel at 800-344-7829 and mentioning the group block “2017 Association for Political Theory,” or by using this link. (If using the website, please be sure to click ONLY the first and last days of your stay.) The group code is 2017PCC.  Please note that to use the group code, guests will need to click the "Special Codes" button located on the upper right hand side of the page. You can copy and paste the code into the "Group Code" box that appears on the left hand side of the page. Deadline to reserve: September 12, 2017.



The Detroit airport (DTW) is about 30-35 minutes east of Ann Arbor (between Ann Arbor and Detroit proper).  It is a Delta hub and probably about 80% of the flights to Detroit are on Delta, but Southwest, United, American and especially Frontier and Spirit may have less expensive flights. 

From DTW to Ann Arbor and back again

If you decide to drive or rent a car be aware that parking on campus is a challenge and that the on-campus hotels charge a hefty fee for parking.

Taxi: about $60 before tip to campus.  Metrocar is also available, more luxurious and $74 before tip.  No need to make a reservation for the taxis; just follow the signs.  Metrocar does take reservations here, but they are usually available near the taxi stand.

Michigan Flyer: $12 one way; round trip $22; they run about every hour or hour and a half depending on the time of day for arrival and departure.  To see the schedule and make a reservation, go here.

The Michigan Flyer drops you off downtown, about a 10 minute walk from the on-campus hotels. For transport between the drop off point and campus or your hotel, you can call Uber or as they note on their website: 

“Thanks to our partnership with Michigan Green Cab, taxi service is available to our pick-up and drop-off locations in the Ann Arbor area.

So, when you buy your Michigan Flyer-AirRide tickets to or from Detroit Metro Airport, you also have the option of reserving a taxi to pick you up at home, office, or hotel in the immediate Ann Arbor area, and then connecting with us at Blake Transit Center or Kensington Court Hotel to begin your trip.

And when you return, you can have a Green Cab waiting to take you back to your starting point, too.

To make a reservation with Michigan Green Cab online, click here. Or, call toll-free at 877-476-8294.”

Shuttle Service: Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle. Website.

They offer door-to-door service. Rates are $37 from the airport and $32 to the airport.  You may have to wait at the airport for them; going back to the airport they use a 15 minute window.  They may (are likely to) pick up other passengers.

Phone for reservations: (734)699-8500 or e-mail reservations@annarborairportshuttle.net or visit their website.



If you think that you may want to eat out after the receptions on Thursday and Saturday nights, you may want to consider booking a table even before you arrive in Ann Arbor as restaurants tend to be crowded, especially on weekends. You can find a list of recommendations from our hosts here.



Special Theatre Event, Saturday, October 14 at 8 pm

UMS (The University Musical Society) is hosting a visit by the fabulous Paris Théâtre de la Ville which will be performing State of Siege by Albert Camus. The play tells the story of a nightmarish future in which a city is reduced to the silence and submission of authority under the leadership of a character called "Le Peste" (The Plague), until a young man, Diego, organizes a revolt.The performance is in French with English supertitles.
Tickets range from $28.00 to $54.00. Almost every seat in this venue is great so you do not need to buy the most expensive seats (but I wouldn't necessarily recommend the cheapest).
Single ticket purchases will be possible beginning August 7, 2017 (UM students start purchasing their heavily discounted tickets August 31, 2017). If you are interested in attending, visit ums.org or call (800) 221-1229.


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