Hosting a Conference

Interested in Hosting a Conference?

The Association is always in need of future conference hosts. Hosting a conference is a great way to promote political theory in your department or program, among your students, and within your college or university. Between 150 and 200 scholars of political theory will show up at your campus, interact with your students, present their latest work, and contribute intellectually to your home institution.  
The responsibilities of hosts are limited to financial and organizational matters. The Association, through its Program and Chairs and Discussants committees, reviews proposals and assembles panels. Registration fees are collected by the APT Treasurer.
Typically host institutions and the Association share the expenses of a conference. Actual amounts required vary, depending on the size, character, and location of the conference. The local coordinator's main work, aside from securing financing, is arranging for rooms for meetings, plenary sessions, coffee breaks, and meals, as well as for hotel accommodations, shuttles (if needed), and catering. Most of the work can be done well ahead of time.
If you are thinking about being a conference host, consider speaking to some of the previous hosts:
Rick Avramenko, Dan Kapust and others of the University of Wisconsin, Madison;
Emily Nacol, Brooke Ackerly, and James Booth of Vanderbilt University;
Jill Frank, Dan Sabia, and Justin Weinberg of the University of South Carolina;
or Eileen Hunt Botting and Ruth Abbey of the University of Notre Dame.

How to Host

If you would like to explore the possibility of hosting a conference, please contact the Co-Presidents, Lisa Ellis ( and Michael Morrell ( The Association has a preference for rotating meetings around North America, so it is helpful to begin discussions well in advance in order to allow for a schedule that is mutually beneficial to all. Meetings are generally scheduled sometime between early October and mid-November. We ask that hosts attempt to avoid conflicts with religious holidays and with Halloween, if possible.
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