APT Member Book/Special Issue Announcements

Name University Publication Title Co-Author(s) Cover
Michael Goodhart
University of Pittsburgh Injustice: Political Theory for the Real World Read More
David Williams
DePaul University Rousseau: Fundamental Political Writings Matthew W. Maguire Read More
Christopher Skeaff
cskeaff's picture
Independent scholar Becoming Political: Spinoza's Vital Republicanism and the Democratic Power of Judgment Read More
Inna Viriasova
Acadia University At the Limits of the Political: Affect, Life, Things Read More
Elizabeth Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen's picture
Syracuse The Political Value of Time: Citizenship, Duration, and Democratic Justice Read More
Giunia Gatta
Bocconi University Rethinking Liberalism for the 21st Century: The Skeptical Radicalism of Judith Shklar Read More
Jason Neidleman
University of La Verne Rousseau's Ethics of Truth: A Sublime Science of Simple Souls Read More
Ofer Israeli
The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Theory of War: System Stability and Territorial Outcimes Read More
Adam Dahl
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Empire of the People: Settler Colonialism and the Foundations of Modern Democratic Thought Read More
Steven P. Millies
steven.millies's picture
Catholic Theological Union Good Intentions: A History of Catholic Voters' Road from Roe to Trump Read More
Thomas Mulligan
Georgetown University Justice and the Meritocratic State Read More
Leonard Williams
Manchester University Anarchism: A Conceptual Approach Benjamin Franks and Nathan Jun (co-editors) Read More
Onur Ince
ulasince's picture
Singapore Management University Colonial Capitalism and the Dilemmas of Liberalism Read More
Joseph Lacey
University of Oxford Centripetal Democracy: Democratic Legitimacy and Political Identity in Belgium, Switzerland and the European Union Read More
Douglas Thompson
University of South Carolina Montaigne and the Tolerance of Politics Read More
Michael Thompson
William Paterson University Hegel's Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Politics Read More
Ronald Beiner
Ronald Beiner's picture
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Dangerous Minds: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Return of the Far Right Read More
Clare Chambers
cec66's picture
University of Cambridge Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State Read More
Michael Shapiro
University of Hawaii The Political Sublime Read More
Daniel Kapust
University of Wisconsin, Madison Flattery and the History of Political Thought: That Glib and Oily Art Read More


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