APT Member Book/Special Issue Announcements

Name University Publication Title Co-Author(s) Cover
Kyle Johannsen
kjohannsen's picture
Trent University A Conceptual Investigation of Justice Read More
Aaron Tugendhaft
atugendhaft's picture
University of Chicago Baal and the Politics of Poetry Read More
Daniel Brunstetter
UC Irvine Just War Thinkers: From Cicero to the 21st Centruy Cian O'Driscoll Read More
Elizabeth Markovits
ekmarkovits's picture
Mount Holyoke College Future Freedoms: Intergenerational Justice, Democratic Theory, and Ancient Greek Tragedy and Comedy Read More
John Meyer
Humboldt State University The Greening of Everyday Life: Challenging Practices, Imagining Possibilities Jens Kersten Read More
Hsin-Wen Lee
University of Delaware Reimagining Nation and Nationalism in Multicultural East Asia, Sungmoon Kim Read More
Bradford Vivian
bjvivian's picture
Pennsylvania State University Commonplace Witnessing: Rhetorical Invention, Historical Remembrance, and Public Culture Read More
Evangelia Sembou
independent scholar The Young Hegel and Religion Read More
Dustin Gish
dustingish's picture
University of Houston Thomas Jefferson and the Science of Republican Government: A Political Biography of "Notes on the State of Virginia" Daniel Klinghard (Holy Cross) Read More
Bernardo Zacka
bernardozacka's picture
University of Cambridge When the State Meets the Street: Public Service and Moral Agency Book.JPG Read More
Dennis Rasmussen
dennis.rasmussen's picture
Tufts University The Infidel and the Professor: David Hume, Adam Smith, and the Friendship That Shaped Modern Thought Read More
Davide Panagia
UCLA Ten Theses for an Aesthetics of Politics Read More
Ali Aslam
Mount Holyoke College Ordinary Democracy: Sovereignty and Citizenship Beyond the Neoliberal Impasse Read More
Mara Marin
maramarin's picture
University of Toronto, Centre for Ethics Connected by Commitment. Oppression and Our Responsibility to Undermine It Read More
Nahshon Perez
Bar Ilan University Women of the Wall: Navigating Religion in Sacred Sites Yuval Jobani Read More
Idir Ghenaiet
ghenaiet idir's picture
ENSSP, Algiers الجزائر والصين: التقارب والتعاون Read More
Catherine Zuckert
czuckert's picture
University of Notre Dame Machiavelli's Politics Read More
rebecca kingston
U of Toronto Emotions, Community and Citizenship Kiran Banerjee, Yi-Chun Chien, James McKee, Constantine Vassiliou Read More
Peter Stone
stone1936's picture
Trinity College Dublin Bertrand Russell: Public Intellectual Tim Madigan (co-editor) Read More
Judith Grant
Ohio University Political Theory and the Animal Human Relationship Vince Jungkunz Read More


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