APT Member Book/Special Issue Announcements

Name University Publication Title Co-Author(s) Cover
John Min
College of Southern Nevada Power in Deliberative Democracy: Norms, Forums, Systems Nicole Curato, Marit Hammond, and John B. Min Read More
Catherine Lu
McGill University Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics Read More
Abraham Singer
University of Rochester The Form of the Firm Read More
Murad Idris
University of Virginia War for Peace: Genealogies of a Violent Ideal in Western and Islamic Thought Read More
Jill Frank
Cornell University Poetic Justice: Rereading Plato's Republic Read More
Matthew Bowker
mhb34's picture
Medaille College A Dangerous Place to Be: Identity, Conflict, and Trauma in Higher Education David P. Levine Read More
Leonard Williams
Manchester University Anarchism: A Conceptual Approach Benjamin Franks, Nathan Jun Read More
Antonio Cerella
antonio.cerella's picture
Kingston University Heidegger and the Global Age Louiza Odysseos Read More
Joel Wainwright
Ohio State University Climate Leviathan: A Political Theory of our Planetary Future Geoff Mann Read More
Fred Lee
The University of Connecticut, Storrs Extraordinary Racial Politics: Four Events in the Informal Constitution of the United States Read More
Tomer Perry
perrytom's picture
Harvard University Democratic Inclusion Beyond Borders Read More
Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson
University of Memphis Genealogies of Terrorism: Revolution, State Violence, Empire Read More
Andy Scerri
Virginia Tech Postpolitics and the Limits of Nature: Critical Theory, Moral Authority, and Radicalism in the Anthropocene Read More
Mithilesh Kumar Jha
IITG Language Politics and Public Sphere in North India: Making of the Maithili Movement Read More
Joshua Cherniss
Georgetown The Cambridge Companion to Isaiah Berlin Steven B. Smith Read More
Andrew Sabl
Andrew Sabl's picture
University of Toronto Realism in Political Theory Rahul Sagar (co-editor) Read More
Christopher Holman
Nanyang Technological University Machiavelli and the Politics of Democratic Innovation Read More
Jamie Aroosi
St. Olaf College The Dialectical Self: Kierkegaard, Marx, and the Making of the Modern Subject Read More
Ignas Kalpokas
LCC International University A Political Theory of Post-Truth Read More
John Nelson
University of Iowa Cowboy Politics: Myths and Discourses of Popular Westerns from The Virginian to Unforgiven and Deadwood Read More


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