Business Meeting Minutes

The annual business meeting for the Association is held during each year's conference. The Secretary takes minutes or notes, which are then typically summarized in an email sent to the APT membership and published in complete form here, on the website. Click on the links below to view the minutes from conference meetings for the past 5 years.  For minutes before those years, contact the Association directly at

2016 - Ohio State University (pdf)

2015 - University of Colorado Boulder (pdf)

2014 - University of Wisconsin, Madison (pdf)

2013 - Vanderbilt University (pdf)

2012 - University of South Carolina (pdf)

2011 - University of Notre Dame

2010 - Reed College

2009 - Texas A&M University

2008 - Wesleyan University

2007 - The University of Western Ontario

2006 - Indiana University

2005 - Washington University in St. Louis

2004 - The Colorado College

2003 - Calvin College


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