Conference Committees 2012

2012 Conference at the University of South Carolina

Program Committee


  • Susan Liebell, Pol.Sci., Saint Joseph’s University
  • David Lay Williams, Pol. Sci., DePaul University 


  • Mihaela Czobor-Lupp, Pol.Sci., Carleton College
  • Shirin Deylami, Pol.Sci., Western Washington University
  • Michael Goodhart, Pol.Sci., University of Pittsburgh
  • Lilly Goren, Pol.Sci., Carroll University
  • Roudy Hildreth, Pol.Sci., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Daniel Kapust, Pol.Sci., University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Jennifer London, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Elizabeth Markovitz, Politics, Mount Holyoke College
  • Ted Miller, Pol.Sci., University of Alabama
  • Joel Parker, Pol.Sci., University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Melvin Rogers, Phil., Emory University
  • Sally Scholz (Virtual Reading Group coordinator), Phil., Villanova University
  • Erin Taylor, Pol.Sci., Western Illinois University
  • Matthew Voorhees, Pol.Sci., Hartwick College

Chairs & Discussants Committee 


Virtual Reading Group 

  • Sally Scholz, Phil., Villanova University

Working Group Panel

  • Jill Frank, Pol. Sci., University of South Carolina

Local Organizing Committee 

  • Jill Frank, Pol. Sci., University of South Carolina
  • Dan Sabia, Pol. Sci., University of South Carolina
  • Justin Weinberg, Phil., University of South Carolina
  • CFP and Jobs
  • Conference

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