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To apply for membership in the Association for Political Theory, please read the information below.  It is a description of the sort of information we are looking to gather.  Then click here and complete the form.

Affiliation Information

A scholarly affiliation that an Internet search can confirm is a requirement for the approval of applications, in order to protect the integrity of our conference paper archives and to prevent spammers from gaining access to our membership directory. Graduate students and others at institutions that keep names or e-mail addresses private may be required to supply a reference from a recognized scholar in the field or from an administrator whose credentials can be confirmed. Similarly, independent scholars may be asked to supply a reference. Undergraduates are not eligible for membership.
Contact Information
Please list your contact information here. An email address that can be confirmed via an Internet search is a requirement for acceptance of a membership application. If you typically use an email address other than your institution's one (such as a Gmail or Yahoo address) and that other address is not listed on your institution's website, please submit your institutional email address. Once your application has been approved, you can easily change your address using our online member update form.
It will greatly assist the Membership Secretary if you also include a website address listing your credentials AND email address. Before applications are approved and passwords issued, each applicant's scholarly credentials will be vetted.
If you are applying from outside of the United States, and your home country has a preferred form for postal addresses that differs from the U.S. standard, please write out your address in that preferred form in the "Comments" section at the end of this page. In this section, fill in what you can. Use "dummy" placeholder information if needed. For postal code, people outside of the US and Canada, might add "00000" and for State/Province choose "None of the above."
Contact Options
Association news and information will be circulated via this website and email. The Association's officers send email notices to the general membership as infrequently as possible, and limit use of our email list to Association business only.  Listing telephone numbers is optional; listed numbers may help some colleagues to communicate with you.
Member Interests
Please describe the areas or topics within political theory or social and political philosophy that you would like other members to know are of interest to you.  If you choose to publish your membership (see the following section), any information you enter here will appear in the online directory, which will be available ONLY to confirmed members of the Association.  Feel free to write a paragraph in full sentences; or add just a short list.  Please limit yourself to 250 words.  Note that the layout of the online directory does not allow for distinct paragraphs - so please write your entry as one paragraph or as a list in one continuous line.
You may also leave this field blank, if that is your preference.  You can always add to or update your listing later.  Members are able to update their listings at any time using our online membership update form.
Member Privacy Preferences
The Association respects the privacy preferences of members.  However, in order to make communication and association easier, APT encourages members to appear in our online membership directory.  If you check the "Make available to members" option, you are authorizing APT to post your membership information in an on-line directory, which will be available ONLY to members who log on via our password system.  If you check a "Keep private" option, access to the relevant information will be restricted to the Association's officers.
Comments and Suggestions
Please feel free to forward your comments and suggestions about this page, as well as about APT's membership policies, more generally.  Any information entered here will be restricted to the Association's officers.
Applicants from outside the United States may want to enter their full address here in the form preferred by your country's postal service.  In many cases, we can manually manipulate our database to conform to or get close to your country's preferred postal address form.
After receiving your information, our Membership Secretary will review your application. If your application is approved, he or she will send you an e-mail message confirming your membership.  As noted above, to speed processing of your application, a website address will be helpful, even just your institution's general site.  If the e-mail address given here does not match one listed on your institution's website, approval of your membership may delayed.  Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed, especially during busy parts of the academic year and vacation periods.
Questions concerning your application should be sent to the APT Membership Secretary at:


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