Directions for Attending Thursday Events

Thursday’s workshops (the pre-conference workshop and the first book manuscript workshop) will be held in Haven Hall, not in the Michigan League where the rest of the conference will be. Below are the instructions for how to get to Haven Hall walking from the Michigan League and the Graduate Hotel.  A shuttle bus schedule from the Kensington Hotel can be found here.  A map of the the entrances to Haven Hall can be found here.

To get from Michigan League to Haven Hall, exit the Michigan league either out the middle (you will see a statue and the Bell Tower) or, preferably, out the end by North University Ave. Either way, get to North University Ave and cross all four lanes to walk onto campus. You will know that you’re going the right direction if you are headed toward a flagpole with a big American Flag and big Michigan flag on it. Keep walking straight up the middle of the quad (we call it the “diag” but it will look to you like a quad). Before you reach the steps of Hatcher Library (which is the big building directly in front of you) take the sidewalk that leads to the right to a building with lots of glass. This is Haven Hall, “entrance 2”). If you go in this entrance, the elevator bloc will be right in front of you. Take the elevator to the 5th floor and follow the signs to the “Eldersveld Room” (for the colonialism workshop) or to the “Walker Room” (for the first book workshop). You find these rooms by turning right off the elevators.

To walk to Haven Hall from The Graduate (10 minutes max). Cross Huron St. and walk up State St. toward campus. In one block, cross Washington Ave and turn Left. In one block, turn right on Thayer St. Walk one block to North University. Cross North University onto the Quad. Straight ahead of you will be the Mason Hall entrance into Haven Hall. Go through those doors and walk straight ahead to the main lobby of the building. It is important to go to the main lobby of the building because ONLY those elevators will take you up to Haven Hall. You will will recognize the main lobby because there is a bank of glass doors to your left and a large glass wall for posting announcements to your right, and often students have tables there selling donuts and vegetables (!!). You will see a bank of two elevators to your right. Take one of them to the Fifth Floor. Turn Right off the elevators to find the Eldersveld Room and the Walker Room. If you get confused, go back to the elevators and you will see the Main Office of Political Science right in front of you. Ask them for help. Or call Lisa’s cell, 773-682-9006.

There will be one shuttle to bring people to campus on Thursday from the Kensington, which is scheduled at 12 noon so as to give you time to get a bite of lunch on campus before the meeting. There apparently aren’t really any good dining options near the Kensington.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at

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