CFP: Symposium in Political Theory on the Topic of "Native"

Political Theory Symposium on Topic of "Native"
Deadline: March 1, 2018

Political Theory invites 50 to 5000 word submissions for a symposium on the topic of “native.”  We are thinking of the term within and beyond its meanings as “belonging to a person by birth or to a thing by nature, indigenous, local, homegrown.” We seek to publish innovative contributions inspired by our current political moment: is there a relation between being a “native” and being nativist? between nativity, nature, and natality? The word count range is expansive so that we can publish pieces of varying lengths and kinds and see conversations develop among them. Regardless of style, we are looking for pieces that challenge and expand the concept as it names persons and/or peoples, an attribute, a state of being or becoming, a field of study, an ecological relation, and/or a political policy. Consulting Editors Lori Marso and Jill Frank will co-edit this symposium, and submissions will undergo the journal’s regular review process.  Go to the journal's homepage for submission information.

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