CFP: Guides Through the _Political Theory_ Archive

Call for Proposals
Guides through the Political Theory Archive
Deadline: June 1, 2018

     Political Theory invites proposals from graduate students and postdocs for new “Guides through the Political Theory Archive.”  These guest-edited on-line volumes make use of the rich archive of essays published in Political Theory over its 45-year history. A collection of four or five articles revives a theme or thinker important in the past but now neglected, or addresses a debate or topic of importance today but perhaps unimagined at the time of original publication, or serves as a teaching or research tool, along the lines of a "best of" on a topic, thinker, or question. These Guides are available on-line without  a subscription. The first four guides in the series are can be found on the Political Theory website:

     We invite proposals for new Guides from collaborative teams of two or more graduate students and/or postdocs, preferably from more than one institution. Proposals should include an at most 500-word description of the theme of the Guide and a list of the four or five articles that it will discuss. Finished Guides will include an introductory essay of 4000-6000 words by the guest editors that explores the theme and the contributions of the selected articles. Political Theory’s Editor, Consulting Editors, and Executive Editorial Committee will select the strongest proposals and work with the guest editors on curating and polishing the guides.

     Proposals should be submitted by email to by June 1, 2018. Please write “Guide Proposal” in the subject line.  Please send any questions to the same address.


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