Job: Chair of Social Sciences, Deep Springs College

Deep Springs College
Julian Steward Chair of Social Sciences
Application Review Begins: Nov. 15, 2018

Long-term professors exert a broad influence on the intellectual culture of this very small community. They should be able to teach self-designed courses within their area of expertise as well as more general classes. The professor is ideally more than a specialist and considers his or her discipline in the context of liberal arts education as a whole. Faculty are encouraged to solicit student participation in their work, or to work with them to design projects of mutual interest. The teaching load is 2-2 and the position is renewable up to six years.
About the College and Community: One of the most innovative and selective colleges in the United States, Deep Springs educates and provides full scholarships to 30 students. Isolated in California’s Eastern Sierra, Deep Springs emphasizes a life of service, and rests on three pillars: ranch labor, self-governance, and demanding academics. During each fifteen week semester (September–December & January–April), as well as a seven week term (May-June), the college hosts two or three visiting scholars who each teach one class. Professors are provided room and board, and work closely with students both in and out of the classroom. The student-to-faculty ratio is around four to one, and most classes have fewer than ten students.
"The approach to education at Deep Springs supercharges the liberal arts model that I know well from my years at top liberal arts colleges like Carleton and Bryn Mawr: creating intense and sustained faculty-student interaction inside and outside the classroom; integrating the academic curriculum with cooperative self-governance and meaningful work; and suffusing college life with reflection and intellectual engagement. This environment creates durable relationships where students can grow and learn in transformative ways not possible at other institutions. I will never be the same."
     - Joel Schlosser, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Bryn Mawr College & Former Julian Steward Chair of Social Science, Deep Springs College
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