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Note: Over time, we hope to list here sites providing references of interest to political theorists and social and political philosophers. If members have suggestions for links or have errors to report (broken links, for instance), please forward those suggestions via e-mail to the APT Webmaster.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Most of the articles in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are original contributions by specialized philosophers around the Internet.... Others are are temporary, or "proto articles," and have largely been adapted from older sources" (from their website).

" is a free, non-profit, annotated aid to research and instruction in theoretical and empirical studies of war and peace. It is owned and maintained by Mark Rigstad, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oakland University" (submitted by Mark Rigstad).

Radical Academy

"The Radical Academy is an analysis of the human condition as seen through the eyes of an authentic philosophical realism fundamentally grounded on the judgments of common sense, 'critically examined....'  Since one of our major goals is to get at the 'root' of problems, questions, policies, and issues, we interpret the term 'radical' in its original sense" (from their website).  Particularly of interest are the Philosophy and Political Science Resource Centers (submitted by Mark Rigstad).

Research Resources for Social Scientists

"This site started modestly in 1994 as a project in support of a graduate methods seminar at Carleton University in Ottawa.  It has grown far past its origins and taken on a life of its own.  Hopefully, it will be of continued use for some time and will be updated as new material becomes available and corrected whenever broken links are pointed out" (from the site's author, Craig McKie, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa).  Particularly of interest is the Political Science section (submitted by Mark Rigstad).

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online

In 1998 Routledge published the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy to critical acclaim. The first multi-volume Encyclopedia to be published in the discipline in over thirty years, REP is now regarded as the definitive resource in the field.... REP Online expands this acclaimed Encyclopedia well beyond print reference boundaries..., including newly commissioned entries by leading scholars, making REP Online the essential philosophy reference for faculty and students in a wide range of disciplines" (from their website). Note: Access requires a subscription.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is intended to serve as an authoritative reference work suitable for use by professionals and students in the field of philosophy, as well as by all others interested in authoritative discussions on philosophical topics" (from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's Information for Authors, "Entry Content: Guidelines and Policies").


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