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Note: Over time, we hope to list here websites and blogs that may be of interest to political theorists and political philosophers. If members have suggestions for links or have errors to report (broken links, for instance), please forward those suggestions via e-mail to the APT Webmaster.

Crooked Timber

An academic blog that includes a number of political philosophers.

The Forum at the Online Library of Liberty

The Forum is the place where discussion about people, the books, and the ideas these books [in the OLL] contain take place. It contains articles, essays, biographies, bibliographies, and other educational material about the texts.

The Great Thinkers

The Great Thinkers is a web site on the history of political thought. The site consists of introductions, biographies and multimedia for philosophers from Thucydides and Plato through Nietzsche and Marx. Of particular interest to students (both undergraduate and graduate) are the extensive bibliographies that are also included and which provide an excellent starting place for research.

Philosophy Updates

A Google Group and mailing list disseminating information regarding philosophical happenings in North America, as well as international happenings of broad appeal. "Postings are welcome regarding conferences, calls for papers, and employment and funding opportunities." (from their website)


A Google Group on which are, "Announcements for scholars in political theory and related fields, including job postings, forthcoming publications, conferences, calls for papers, queries for advice, and general professional networking. Posts should be made in the author's own name and will be subject to moderator's approval." Moderated by APT member, Derek Barker. (from their website)

political theory info

"Launched in January 2003, the aim of this site is to be a central space on the Web for the study of philosophy and politics. By directing visitors to other sites through a system of links, we seek to guide academics, students, and anyone interested in the field of political theory to texts and information that can be read free of charge." (from their website) Note: This site ceased being updated in May 2007.

Public Reason: A Blog for Political Philosophers

"Public Reason is a new group blog for political philosophers and theorists. The purpose of the blog is to create an open forum for the academic political philosophy and theory community where we can discuss our common work." The links section of the blog includes a comprehensive listing of site that might interest political philosophers. (from their website)

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